LISTEN: ASTN Brings Home Poignant Pop R&B Flair Via “What’s It Gonna Take”

ASTN is a 22-year-old native of Florida whose unique indie-R&B-pop flavor is beginning to turn heads. First introduced to the drums at the age of three by his father, ASTN soon added guitar, piano, vocals, and music production to his repertoire, allowing the young artist to create and hone in on his own pop sound.

A cyclical guitar riff fittingly welcomes listeners into “What’s It Gonna Take” as ASTN sings with inviting cadence. Boom, the beat drops, and we are rolling, skipping alongside a crystal blue lake, peering into the distance, hoping to catch a glimpse of our future. Is it bright? Does love last or fade? “What’s It Gonna Take” is a poignant pop song with modern electronic flourishes referencing the R&B flair of CeeLo Green all the way to Ed Sheeran.

“I’ve always been somewhat of a nice guy. In many instances, I could see that being used against me. Sometimes the person you want is not the person you needI’m the type of person that believes that if someone actually wants to be with you they will make obvious efforts to make that happen. What’s It Gonna Take is a song about being trapped in a never-ending cycle of the second choice. It’s also about how I perceived my move to Los Angeles. What would it take for me to make it in such a cutthroat industry? The uncertainty would eat me alive, and that’s something I still deal with till this day,” says ASTN.

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