Movies That Became Popular Casino Games

What do you engage in as a pastime? Casino gaming has been an interesting activity for many people in Canada. The games that were only available in the land-based casinos are now freely available on the online casinos, and the numbers of players have been increasing rapidly. 

There has also been the emergence of trends that make it popular with many players – for instance, casino movies. Most casino movies inspire the viewers to play the games and even borrow the best gaming tactics.

Most game developers have begun to develop slots whose ideas have been entirely from the gambling movies. We had a session with one of our experts, Lucas Goldberg (check profile), who highlighted the movies that became great names in the casinos and movies about cheating casinos.

Dark Night from Microgaming

If watching scary movies is your passion, Dark Night Microgaming is among the best options to consider. It’s among the popular scary and darkest movies in Batman Franchise. Microgaming did not want the experience in the movie to be faced away like that. 

They replicated the movie into a slot game that, up to date, is thrilling the players. The microgames version of the game is available in the majority of Canadian casinos. When playing it, you will have the privilege of winning up to 2000 credits with the Batman symbol.

But that’s not the maximum win you will get. If you get scattered symbols on the reels, you will qualify to win up to 15000 credits. The game has about 243 combinations for winning with 14 symbols. 

The game is a real thriller and borrows most of the concepts from the movie, making it a top replica. Also, its other version by IGT studios is only available in land-based casinos.

Amaya’s Forest Gump

The movie has been popular among many lovers of gambling movies since it has been in existence in the past decades. It’s a great name in the Canadian casino industry. Its replica into the real gaming scene makes it even better. 

It attracts many players into it because it features some of the top characters in the movie. Some of them include Bubba Gump Cap and a box of chocolate. Some of the other names that you won’t miss in the slot include Lieutenant Dan and Jenny.

It has one of the biggest jackpots of up to 5000 coins. To win, you must find the forest symbol on all five of its wheels. However, there are also scatter symbols that you can enter. The unique aspect of the game that keeps drawing people to it is its special mini-game where you see a forest running down the football pitch. It not only amazes the players but grants them other better prizes. 

Joker’s Wild

Joker’s Wild is an American musical drama film that has become famous in the gaming space. It’s about Joe E. Lewis, a famous comedian and a singer in most nightclubs from the 1920s to 1950s.  Up to date, it makes the gamers glued on the screens for many hours. Lewis’s comedy has been the leading reason for the great love for the movie.

 It has its game version that gives the gamers the best returns they need. As the name suggests, it’s a mix of joker and poker gaming. The two combinations make the game enticing to many gamers.

Many players like checking on the Canadian video poker online sites to play Joker’s Wild. The inclusion of joker in the game makes it a great preference for the players because it adds a winning hand. 


Microgaming has remained among the gaming software that has made many games become realistic. The 1978 film that John Carpenter directed is currently among the big names in slot machines. 

If you love horrifying Hollywood casino movies, Halloween will give you the experience you need. Microgaming did not let the users’ expectations go into vain hence came up with an interesting game. It has some of the best features that encourage the players to keep playing it.

It also has a unique setup that gives the players an awesome gaming experience and also entertaining. When playing it, you will find the image of famous characters on its reels that will help you organize the game. 

If you hit a win with any of the designated characters, you will hear their iconic lines. There is also a wheel bonus in the game that hosts the special features. That means you will enjoy free spins as you play it.

Dirty Dancing

Are you hearing about it for the first time, or have you watched it? The movie is starring Jenifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. It’s a play tech product that will leave you dancing to the tunes, especially if you win its amazing rewards. 

Even though it has some old features such as the graphics and the background, it remains a top game in the gambling scene. Thanks to Playtech for making the game entertaining and thrilling to the players.

Above are some of the movies that amazed the masses and prompted developers to create games based on them. 


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