LISTEN: Marco Kleebauer Drops Contagious & Dreamy Synth-pop On “All My Life”

Marco Kleebauer is a renowned sound guru and award-winning producer from Vienna, Austria. Kleebauer has a serious weakness for fooling around with tools and experimenting with all kinds of sounds, which usually shows in weird, yet playful pop-songs that swept acts like Leyya, Bilderbuch, Oehl, or Sharktank onto the top of playlists, award nominations, and even pop charts.

We all drift, cunning and exposed, into the unknown we go. If not for seeking then what are we moving away from? The question is narrow though the answers are endless. If you need a soundtrack for your next adventure into the fluidity of existence, pop on the new single, “All My Life” (below) from Marco Kleebauer. Focused yet free, Kleebauer’s vocals swirl gently amongst a captivating and creative drum push. Lofty and dreamy all together, “All My Life” is a golden lo-fi indie genre-bender that permeates like a synth wave version of Beck.

“There’s a lot going on in my head right now. One day I came up with that song within a few minutes, it just flowed onto paper naturally. I write my songs like a diary, I don’t want to change stuff a lot. I want to keep them as real and rough as possible, as close as possible to the original idea. So for one, it might not become quite clear what this song is all about, but first and foremost what it is, is 100% real,” says Kleebauer.

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