LISTEN: Billie Eilish Collaborator Emmitt Fenn Paints Expressive Vocal Statement On “Edge Of The Dark”

Emmit Fenn is one of the few collaborators to have worked alongside pop phenomenon Billie Eilish, co-writing and co-producing her “bitches broken hearts” in 2017. To date, Emmit has also garnered over 100 million streams on Spotify alone and single “Until We Leave The Ground,” of his debut 10-track Album ‘Far From Here,’ debuted on Netflix’s soundtrack for the young-adult film, To All The Boys: Always and Forever

The young producer brings a deep sense of artistic expression and vulnerability in cinematic form for his powerful song, “Edge of the Dark.” The video peers deep into the mind inside the body looking back at itself, wondering, who are you? A powerful expression, the music video for “Edge Of The Dark” stars model Brooks Ginnan and is as delicate as it is bold. “The light is worth the darkness you endure,” is a central theme to the visual and is expressed vividly through its imagery and storytelling. A song that builds from withdrawn and evocative indie pop to a pulsing dance number, “Edge of the Dar” is a fully formed conceptual artistic statement.

“The main theme of this album is finding hope in vulnerability. With this album, I wanted to be completely open about my past on a very intimate level and show how I’ve grown from it,” says Emmit. “The title of the album ‘Far From Here’ refers to the place that we want to escape to when we feel hopeless and that is what I wish for the album to be for the listener; a place in which they can escape to when they feel like they have nowhere else to go,” says Fenn.



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