LISTEN: Karaboudjan Blasts Off Into Tonal Radiance On Crisp Track “Let Go”

Karaboudjan is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Billy Kim, who has toured with Tycho since 2016. Born in Inglewood, California, but raised in Orange County, Billy grew up watching his parents play music together at home. When he was 17, he had already embarked on his first national tour across the U.S. At the age of 23, Billy was featured in Rolling Stone after getting an opportunity to record an album with Grammy Award-Winning producer, Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse, Tom Waits). It was during the same time Billy lost his father after years of deteriorating from Alzheimer’s disease. Karaboudjan is a tribute to Billy’s father.

Heat fills the void as we blast off into tonal paradise, stretching out into the unknown on the fresh new single from Karaboudjan titled “Let Go.” Tangible, emotional, radiant, Karaboudjan is situated with aces up his sleeve, tastefully and precisely forging innovative electronica soundscapes. An articulation of golden production from the synth lines to the expressive percussive elements, bringing a fierce and vulnerable emotional response.

“‘I originally wrote the song instrumentally back in 2013. I knew I wanted the lyrics to contrast the light and laid-back dance vibe that the music has. I also knew I wanted the song to be about losing my dad, and the vulnerability that it ensues. Lyrically, I finished the entire song in an instant, all but the chorus. And that is how that song stayed until I rehashed it for this EP. When I reopened it, I had some missing plug-ins that actually completely changed the part I had created for the chopped-up vocal, “let go” between the pre-chorus & chorus. Originally, the vocal chop lyric is “let down” (from the pre-chorus) but it was sounding much more like “let go”, which gave me the idea for the lyrics in the chorus about letting go of my dad. It was an interesting experience to write a song in two different stages of life for me, but in a way, it sort of feels like that’s how it was supposed to happen in the way that it did. It was also a bit comical as I had to just “let go” of how the old part sounded. Acceptance in two very different forms,” says Kim.


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