LISTEN: Dekker Offer Robust Musical Possibilities On “Small Wins”

Known as the American half of the Anglo-American Indie-Folk duo Rue Royale, Brookln Dekker is also now a solo artist under the surname-moniker Dekker. Dekker’s “Slow Reveal” plots a pilgrimage of putting one foot in front of the other, an inward dig for purpose in a messy world. Pardon, cleansing, relief, resolve, propulsion. The paradox of dropping guard while positioning a hat. The decision to dance alone to snaking rhythms chopped out on guitar, twitching to insistent backbeats. Dekker is doing his own thing. He’s got his own sound. He’s got his own look. He’s got his own style. And though he’s garnering success it seems though he’d be doing this if no one was watching or listening. There is a passion that feels like it needs to come out.

Check out the enchanting new single “Small Wins” from Dekker. A finesse-laden guitar riff circles, as Dekker spins a web of captivating melodic color. Steeped in rich bass tone with tangible piano twinklings, Dekker possesses charming vibrato, armed with a rich gift for lyrical delivery. On “Small Wins” it feels like Dekker is speaking to a classroom of pliable youth while spreading a sentiment to boost the quality of existence for all of us.

“Back in January, in a difficult time, it unexpectedly snowed. The snow brought a rush of joy through the family. My wife, daughter, and I layered up and went galavanting around the garden…snow angels, footprints. The chorus for “Small Wins” was written with snowballs in hand.” says Dekker.

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