LISTEN: Grace McKagan Showcases Garage Rock Flair On Potent “So Hyper”

Grace McKagan may have been cutting her teeth with her synth-pop-punk band The Pink Slips the past two years, but she’s been waiting for the right time to go solo. Now, 23, McKagan has grown up a lot since the formation of the L.A.-based five-piece, and she’s finally ready for the world to know it.

The daughter of the famous GNR bassist, McKagan proves her rock flair on the potent single “So Hyper”. Pronouncing charisma and dialed vocal inflection, she radiates with the garage vanguard of The Pretenders and Halestorm.

“This a really fun song about the excitement of wanting to be with somebody and knowing they wanna be with you too. The video was filmed where we write all of our music and shows our process with writing,” states McKagan.

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