SONG PREMIERE: Wild Earp & The Free for Alls Shake Up The Western Skyline On “Ain’t It a Shame (When Your Horse Goes Lame)” Off New LP ‘ For Easy Livin’

Hold on tight for a legit swing through some stonecold real deal western fueled rock that spurs with the ingenuity of Asleep at the Wheel meeting Desire era Bob Dylan, jammed with Waylon, sprinkled with some Bottle Rockets, and a little Buck Ownes melted in. Yet despite all their licit influences, Wild Earp & The Free for Alls make off like bandits with a freewheeling and jubilant sound typically reserved for festival headliners.

Tales of heartache, sinful living, and celebration abound in the new album, Dyin’ for Easy Livin’, set for release on July 9th.  Throughout, tasty Telecaster licks (courtesy of Jed Taylor, with George Hurden on jaguar), velvety pedal steel (Brian Wilkie, and on the rocking, catchy “Playin’ With House Money,” Robert Daniels), and perfectly-placed piano runs (Sean Hughes) provide an awesome accompaniment to Earp’s tried and true vocals

As Glide announces the new LP, we are also thrilled to premiere the new song :Ain’t It a Shame (When Your Horse Goes Lame)”- a thrilling ride through an expansive dirty whirl of western, boogie and murderous honky-tonk. Check out this ravishing cut below…

“This song originated at the California Clipper in Chicago, where we had played a monthly residency for 4 years running. Playing for a rowdy weekend crowd informed much of the songwriting during that time, and this is one of the bangers that came out of it. Jed (aka Valentine) started singing the line during a soundcheck one night, “Ain’t it a shame when your horse goes lame”, and I jumped in on harmonies with one of our occasional backup singers, Tara Smith. The form and melody came about pretty spontaneously. I came back a week later with the song written. Bad luck is the overall theme here, but it’s also just an opportunity for me to poke a little fun at myself. This track features Felipe Tobar on fiddle and, of course, Jed Taylor on Telecaster,” saye Earp.


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