SONG PREMIERE: Kath Myers Tackles Social Anxiety on Ravishing “Dirty Laundry”

There’s precious little doubt that Los Angeles-based musician Kath Myers can craft a tasty indie rock song. With a slinky delivery mixed atop new wave noir and a fantastical mix of R&B and DIY electro, Myers surely brings a grab bag of artistic treats via the June 25th release of her debut album Sensitive Groups.

Born from the spirit of a songwriter who only began playing music at 31, Myers approaches her craft with a unique balance of world weary wisdom and the exhilaration of a newfound obsession. But all the enthusiasm she felt for her burgeoning passion for music wouldn’t have led to such a beautiful album if she hadn’t committed to sobriety before sitting down to record.

The songs on Sensitive Groups were written over the past five years, but Myers started recording them at the beginning of the weird strange glow of 2020 with Aaron Stern in his Glassell Park garage studio. Most of the album was recorded there, in an untreated garage, with just a few simple mics and some good players – primarily Michael Villiers on drums, Dillon Casey on guitar/pedal steel/keys, Juan Salzano, Matt LaRocca and Jason Roberts on more guitars, SieSie Benhoff on BVs, and Aaron Stern on bass, keys, co-production, and even more guitar.

Glide is proud to premiere the ravishing single “Dirty Laundry,” which winds together Myers’ own burgeoning stylish sounds atop nods to St. Vincent, Spoon, and Faye Webster. Check out the track below…

“This song is about social anxiety and not knowing how to act at parties,” shares Myers of “Dirty Laundry”. “It’s also about having friendships/relationships with extroverted people,” she goes on, “and being very confused about how anyone can possibly be comfortable talking to groups of strangers.”


Myers’ journey to becoming a songwriter and performing musician came about on an unconventional timeline. Born and raised in Ohio, after college she’d make a brief stop in Chicago, and then an extended stay in New York City where she held a well paying but unfulfilling job in corporate America. Eventually, wanderlust and a desire for something more took hold, and after close to a decade in NYC and Brooklyn she took her life’s savings and traveled for 6 months before finally landing in LA. It was then, already into her 30s, that she first picked up a guitar and began to play and sing.

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