Sleater-Kinney Returns With Tenth Album ‘Path of Wellness’ Out 6/11

Following 2019’s mixed reception to St. Vincent produced The Center Won’t Hold, which slightly altered Sleater-Kinney’s pummelling sound towards more obvert artistic fare; Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss are back with their tenth album titled Path of Wellness on June 11th. Read the band’s statement via facebook below...

We wrote it last spring and summer, holed up in Portland, and recorded it in late summer and early fall. This is the first S-K record we’ve produced ourselves. The entire process relied upon taking stock of who and what was nearby, upon generosity of time, spirit, and input, but mostly upon a mutual love, need, and gratitude for making music. We’re also sharing the first single, “Worry With You,” along with its video, directed by Alberta Poon. Original album artwork by Samantha Wall.

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