LISTEN: Astrachan Drops Steadfast Rhythmic ’60s Beat Pop Via “Kimball Sun”

Astrachan is the solo recording project of Berta Bigtoe’s, Ben Astrachan. Ben is an indie rock tape head based in Chicago experimenting with a hybrid recording style that marries analog and digital modalities while reflecting on his recent bumblings across Nepal, Jammu Kashmir, and the American backcountry. Astrachan‘s self-titled debut album is the fruit of that endeavor.

Fluttering and oscillating, whimsical flutes dance through an illuminated sonic terrain on “Kimball Sun,” the new single from Astrachan. An inventive and ear-catching indie pop song, driven by s steadfast rhythmic push, we find ourselves awestruck by the 60’s rock sensibilities that convey an addictively whimsical listen that references Motown, beat-rock, and The Beatles.

Kimball Sun’ is a song reckoning with the force of Spirituality and childish chaos in the throes of a midwestern city,” says Astrachan.

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