LISTEN: J. Aaron Delivers Hip-Hop Flavored Genre Bender On “Ah Lyke It”

J. Aaron – a native of New Jersey – has risen from very hard circumstances. By harnessing the power of this musical expression and passion he has managed to make a career out of his art, the very thing he credits to keeping him alive. With his troubled past behind him, Aaron is on a new path, searching for what he refers to as, his “Black Boy Joy” in a time where light must be shined on the totality of racial injustice. Healing through music is his motto.

With a cutting buttery vibrato, Aaron opens up and lets it all out on his new single, “Ah Lyke It.” A song that touches on the harsh reality of depression and social anxiety – a truly illuminated utterance – Aaron sheds light on hard-to-talk-about topics set to a fun-as-hell groove bringing potent vocal charisma.  “Ah Lyke It” is a stunner from top to bottom, a downright genre-melder for fans of Anderson Paak and Joey Bada$$.

“Anxiety, depression, and accepting myself for all of it. A charming, light-hearted take on the world’s view of my personal quirks. On my journey to healing after a life of violence and homelessness, there is the crucial step of acknowledging my mental health and depicting my struggles in the only way I know how – laugh at the world that made me,” declares J.

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