SONG PREMIERE: Carrie Clark and The Lonesome Lovers Get Rowdy On Colorful “Dance Dance Dance”

Northwest native vocalist and songwriter Carrie Clark and her band The Lonesome Lovers draw from the broad palettes of Americana, folk, and rock to craft their own distinct flavor of modern pop honkey-tonk. On their new LP Split At The Seams, their years of creative collaboration shine through as a warm, in-the-pocket confidence. On first listen you know these are folks who play together as one, ebbing and flowing together. Much like the Salish Sea which they call home, Split At The Seams is expansive, just a touch rugged, and undeniably beautiful. 

Recorded in the fall/winter of 2019 at Kingsbury Studios in Seattle, WA and at Jupiter West on Vashon Island, the band managed to complete primary tracking before the pandemic swept across the world. The backing vocals on “Heroes and Heartbreakers” are by a group of family and friends, recorded in early February 2020 just a few weeks before the world shut down. Backing vocals on “Home” were recorded by a group of close friends – Camille Bloom, Sue Corcoran, Vincent Gates and Andrea Wittgens – in their respective home studios post-lockdown.

Finished just as the world shut down, and now set for release just as things reopen, Split At The Seams is a sonic time capsule from a world that seems ages ago. “This last year has been intense in so many ways for everyone” says Clark. “All of us will be different because of this experience. I hope with this album inspires growing, feeling, living and loving so fully that you just may Split at the Seams.”

Glide is thrilled to premiere “Dance Dance Dance” an explosive folk song topped with a colorful gypsy style instrumental breakdown. Clark sings with fantastical imagery that rekindles a sense of savior and style reminiscent of Balkan Beat Box jamming with Gillian Welch.

“Sometimes we just need to dance. This song came from the idea that internal chaos and strife can ultimately be turned into something else, something more positive. It’s never easy and the emotions might feel like they break you for a moment, but you will grow from them and you will become stronger,” says Clark.


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  1. Looking forward to some fresh music by Carrie. Carrie’s music fits into the category I call Happy music. The sample track above, Dance Dance Dance sounds like a natural progression from Carrie’s previous releases. I’m glad she is still moving forward in her musical career.

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