LISTEN: Adeline of Nu-Disco Band Escort Produces Mulit-Facted Soul Display On “9”

Originally introduced to the world as the frontwoman for the nu-disco band Escort, Adeline spent most of 2020 soothing our frazzled nerves with a constant stream of soulful, heartwarming songs — 21 of them in fact, including two EPs, a fire hot duet with Kamauu called “Mango” and numerous other collaborations and guest appearances with artists.

French-Caribbean singer and producer Adeline has released another new single, “9”. Stunning and purely charismatic, Adeline shines, surrounded by organic and rich instrumentation. Highlighted by her expressive bass lines and colorful vocal harmonies, Adeline produces a powerhouse multi-faceted artistic display, resting in her own robust pocket with fierce and fluent range.

“‘9’ is about how unhealed pain affects intimacy,” says Adeline. “Too often, we live in past traumas and future fears instead of being in the present. The level of trauma and pain we experience on a daily basis affects us in so many ways that we don’t even fully realize it sometimes. So, a person can be in love but just too wounded to open up. And when two people who are both experiencing pain and trauma meet, it can be hard to dive in. It’s like they want to be together, but their own fears stand in the way of making that vision come to life.”

I do believe that love just ‘happens’,” she continues, “but we have to be ready to receive it if we want it to flourish into a healthy relationship.”

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