WATCH: Squid Release Video For Punctuating Single “Pamphlets”

There has been a great deal of fervent energy surrounding the release of Squid’s debut album, Bright Green Field, out earlier this month via Warp Records. Delivering on the expectations for this long-anticipated release, it garnered perfect scores from several UK publications.

Today, Squid present an ambitious video for one of the album’s singles, “Pamphlets,” a searing look at right wing propaganda. Directed by Raman Djafari with character animation by Barney Abrahams, the “Pamphlets” video is an eight-minute odyssey of hyperreal animation. Djafari says it’s “a meditation on the feeling of being unfit, unlovable, not compatible and the manic anxiety and stress that this results in. I wanted to explore a state of mind that I have found myself in many times, of fearing to go outside and being confronted with everything that one cannot love about themselvesThe second half emerges from that state of mind through the embrace of difference.”

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