SONG/VIDEO PREMIERE: French Pop Prospector Alex Van Pelt Crushes DIY Indie Boundaries On ‘Broken Heart”

French multi-instrumentalist Alex Van Pelt started making music fifteen years ago when he was still a teenager, in bands such as Coming Soon, Mont Analogue, or as a guitarist for Sierra Manhattan, Norma, François Virot and Adam Green. But today he grows up and shows what he’s made of as a solo artist. 

After his debut album Tum Tum (2019), in which he stated the basis of a rich and sensitive musical vocabulary made of DIY synth and post-romantic songs. Van Pelt is back with his colorful grabbag of whimsically melodic and catchy AF songs via Global Crush (out in October 2021).

Along with the Global Crush album announcement, Glide is premiering the video and single for the new single “Broken Heart” which serves as a DIY indie-pop clinic. With inventive synth lines and plenty of instrumental commentaries, Van Pelt crushes song boundaries with a Mac Demarco flair of the un-ordinary.

“I really like breakup songs, it’s almost a genre in itself in pop music. And breakups are always really inspiring  to me. With Broken Heart, I wanted to explore that special feeling when everything is a bit blurred : you’re trying to convince yourself you’re over the relationship but you’re still fantasizing about it. You play it back again and again in your head and you feel like the main character of a 2000s romcom,” says Van Pelt.

“I’ve been working with my friend Vickie Cherie (the director of this video) for a longtime now, she really knows how to translate my music into images. We’re both huge fans of 80s and 90s movies, and for this video we’ve been inspired by Fallen Angels by Wong Kar Wai and Miracle Mile by Steve De Jarnatt. I live in Paris and it was obviously a good city to shoot a video where I sing about broken hearts.”

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