LISTEN: Big Little Lions Craft Cozy Ascending Harmonies On “Only A Friend Like You”

Paul Otten and Helen Austin are Big Little Lions, an award-winning folk duo born out of a collaboration that won them a JUNO Award in 2014. Since their inception, they have released six albums and seen their music has appeared on the CBC’s Top 20 and featured on shows like q and Vinyl Cafe.

A touching and sonically delightful ode to friendship, Big Little Lions deliver harmonious and poignant alt-folk on “Only A Friend Like You.” Set to an endearing lyric video, we follow the connection between a young boy and his dog. A tear-jerking and heart-opening offering, Paul Otten and Helen Austin’s voices blend seamlessly, surrounded by finely picked acoustic instruments, ascending vocal harmonies, and a wide and warm bed of low-end bliss.  arrangements.

We wrote this song a few years back but never found its sound until recently. Friendship comes in so many forms and it’s the ones that truly allow us to be ourselves that really count. The video features the friendship between Helen’s son and their now very old dog. They grew up together.

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