Eddie 9V Blends Throwback Soul and Blues on ‘Little Black Flies’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Eddie 9V is something of an anomaly. He is only 24 years old, yet his music has a distinct old-time feel to it. It feels like he discovered his parents old soul and blues records and did his best to emulate it. It’s fair to say that he’s done a pretty decent job. He blends soul and blues in a way that makes it seem like his music could have been recorded 50 years ago. 

The new album Little Black Flies shows just how much of an anomaly Eddie 9V is. It’s not just in the sound he produces, but also in the way the album was recorded. The album was tracked live at Echo Deco Studios in Atlanta with Eddie’s brother Lane Kelly producing. As a result, you hear how lively the band is. On top of that, you get to hear some snippets of banter from the recording that makes you feel like you were in the room when this album was made.

This album begins with a couple soul songs. When you listen to the opening title track “Little Black Flies”, you can’t help but notice the similarity to St. Paul and The Broken Bones. It is a slow and soulful song with strong lead vocals, horns, and backing vocals that bring The Rolling Stones to mind. That is followed by “3 AM in Chicago”, which but has a more old-time soul sound. Specifically, the rhythm of this song sounds like something from an Isaac Hayes tune.

The album takes a turn toward the blues with “Dog Me Around”. This one has a driving rhythm and a piano part that are sure to get you moving. This one also has something for those that like to geek out  on the guitar. The instrumental break features some guitar that is sure to make you wish you could play half as well. Overall, this song has the feel of a Joe Louis Walker song.

“She Got Some Money” is another song that is steeped in the blues with a rhythm akin to a John Lee Hooker boogie while the slide guitar seems to borrow heavily from Elmore James, which is never a bad thing.

It’s pretty clear that Eddie 9V has been influenced by some of the blues greats. “Don’t Come around this House” is a slow-burning jam. From the tempo to the howling vocals  to the harmonica, it’s hard not to think about Johnny Winter when you hear this one.

This is an album that deserves to be played at irresponsible volumes. It is your jam for those days when you just need to forget everything and boogie. 

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