LISTEN: Portland’s Corinne Sharlet Delivers Haunting & Quaint “Pink Summer Moon”

Portland-based singer-songwriter, Corinne Sharlet, crafts a warm Americana sound that’s both emotive and alluring, Sharlet’s music captures the imagination like the high deserts of Central Oregon where she was raised

A sonic wonderland surrounds Sharlet on her exploratory new single “Pink Summer Moon.” Sharlet is shifting into a full-fledged indie-folk presence with her tangible lyrical delivery and gravitation towards alternative chord movement. “Pink Summer Moon” serves as a commanding alternative folk with a haunting reverberation that points towards Anaïs Mitchell and Cowboy Junkies.

“Pink Summer Moon is an intergalactic love song. I wrote it at the beginning of Quarantine and it became about longing to escape to another place and time,” says Sharlet.

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