LISTEN: Brian Dale Allen Strouse Makes Good On Rockin’ Melodies Via “Forever Is Gone”

Brian Dale Allen Strouse is a singer-songwriter and producer based in a small idyllic river town on the fringes of Philadelphia. While his true home is in the studio composing and producing, Strouse is no stranger to the stage and life on the road, as he spent the greater part of a decade on tour, fronting Philadelphia-based band, The Lawsuits.

Swing into the tenderness of Forever Is Gone, the aching ’70s rock-tinged single from Brian Dale Allen Strouse. With a soothing vibrato, Forever Is Gone is a song born to humble beginnings that soon blossoms into twangy guitars, sweet harmonies, and a spirited rhythm section reminiscent of Dawes and Delta Spirit.

There is trouble with the promise of forever and this song reflects the mundane aspects of life that often interfere with storybook romance. It conveys an unraveling, where seemingly things aren’t what they once were. Depicting catharsis in walking away, even when you know you were wrong.

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