LISTEN: Free Union Sweeps Seductive Grooves On “No Pressure”

Free Union is a Charlottesville, Virginia-based collective led by Michael Coleman and Rob DunnenbergerThe band’s sound is undistillable, rooted in ever-evolving soul music that incorporates rhythm and blues, rock, and pop feels. 

Check out Free Union’s flavorful summertime new single, “No Pressure.Coleman sings with a seductive flair, fluttering on a bed of warm low end movement and subtle harmonies. “No Pressure” delivers as a solid funk fusion/neo-soul escapade, that is righteously bewitching with its oceanic grooves.

“‘No pressure’ talks about the constant tug and pull in the mind of a creative: patience vs impatience, motivation vs the lack thereof, stepping out vs. staying in, confidence vs. self deprecation, to hone the craft vs. rely on talent. That sounds dark but I think the message that comes across, especially in the vocal melody and the music, is just to go with the flow…to be, to VIBE, and embrace the moment you’re in. To be cliche, it’s about the journey not the destination,” says the band.

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