LISTEN: Grady Strange Radiates With Garage Psych Fuzz On ‘She Found The Way”

Grady Strange is the moniker of Grady Wenrich, along with help from his partner Mackenzie Howe (Pet Dress), their dog Dolly Parton, and some close friends. Strange’s debut record, “Getting Stranger” is due out July 21st via Perpetual Doom.

Check out, “She Found the Way,” the far-out new single from Grady Strange that radiates with lo-fi tonal juiciness, pushed by a fuzzy bass tone and tasteful psychedelic design. “She Found the Way” balances a deep emotional punch with a cryptic garage rock splatter, that sounds like a mix between Ty Segall and Osees.

This song was written after a loved one’s brush with death. It’s about someone dying and becoming a spirit, and realizing they’re just a tiny beautiful piece in the fabric of everything and nothing! I recorded and played it all to a 4 track tape recorder at home. The verses are more drive, showing the person exploring the new realm, and the chorus is the blissful feeling of arriving,” says Grady Strange.

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