Seven Top Sports Movies

Our selection has collected the top ten sports dramas, many of which are based on real events. Don’t forget to save the link, and be sure to watch something from this list. We guarantee a charge of motivation! Also, try yourself in sports betting on 22bet Italy.

Glory Road (USA, 2006)
Based on true events: yes.

Interesting fact: The picture shown at the end of the film shows the real athletes of the Texas Western team of the 1965-66 season, not the actors.

The film is about: The story of the student basketball team coach from Texas, Don Haskins. In 1966, Haskins assembled a revolutionary team, recruiting exclusively black players into the main roster, and led to the victory in the championship.

Green Street Hooligans (USA, UK 2004)
Based on true events: no.

Interesting fact: The filmmakers were allowed to shoot at West Ham stadium because the club’s management believed that the picture would be about football; after filming, they found out that the film would be about football hooligans, they tried to disown the project as soon as possible.

The film is about: Journalism student Matt Buckner is expelled from Harvard for a crime he did not commit. In search of a new refuge, the young man escapes to London to his sister Shannon. It is in London that Matt discovers the multifaceted world of football. In a football get-together, he finds new friends, big troubles and finds himself in the company of crazy fans, ready for absolutely anything for the sake of his beloved club.

The Hurricane (USA, 1999)
Based on true events: yes.

Interesting fact: World champion Joey Jardello (who in the film the judges gave the victory over Carter in real life) won the fight without controversial points. Therefore, immediately after the release of “Hurricane,” he filed a lawsuit against the film company, and he was paid compensation.

The film is about: A story from the life of boxer Rubin Carter, who claimed the middleweight title but, having become the victim of a false charge of murder, ended up behind bars.

Warrior (USA, 2011)
Based on true events: no.

Interesting fact: For the role, Tom Hardy gained 12 kg of muscle mass.

The film is about: A strong sports drama, the story of overcoming a young fighter Tommy Conlon, who set himself an ambitious goal: to get ready to participate in a big tournament. Before the decisive fight, his father is a drunkard, a talented boxer who trains his son before the decisive fight.

  • Race (UK, Germany, 2013)
    Based on true events: yes.

Interesting fact: Especially for the film’s filming, Historic Formula One managed to assemble a starting field from 24 original cars of 1976, persuading their owners to cooperate with the film crew.

The film is about: 70s of the XX century. Golden time of Formula 1. Two bitter rivals in racing history – charming Englishman James Hunt and disciplined Austrian Niki Lauda – push themselves to the limit of physical and psychological endurance. A dramatic story and a major career race, the outcome of which can cost too much.

Senna (UK, France, 2010)
Based on true events: yes.

Interesting fact: The documentary includes footage from the rider’s family home archive.

The film is about: A documentary about one of the best racers in the history of Formula 1, the great athlete Ayrton Senna. And this is perhaps the most important thing to know to tune in to watch this movie.

The Class of 92 (UK, 2013)
Based on true events: yes.

The film is about: A legendary story about the path to world fame of six young football players from Manchester United: David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Phil, and Gary Neville. The film covers seven years of their career, starting in 1992 when the team won the FA Youth Cup for the first time in 30 years.

Touching the Void (UK, USA 2003)
Based on true events: yes.

Interesting fact: Footage of the ascent with the participation of actors for the restoration of archival footage was filmed in the Alps.

The film is about: This film is an adaptation of the bestselling book by the famous climber Joe Simpson, based on one of the most incredible stories of his life.

The book describes Simpson and his friend Simon Yates to one of the peaks of the Peruvian Andes in 1985 (an altitude of about 7000 meters). In the struggle to survive, young people are forced to make difficult decisions every minute. Simpson and Yates return to the scene together to tell their story in front of the cameras.

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