K.C. Jones Makes Impressive Debut with Complex Americana Sounds on ‘Queen of the In Between’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

K.C. Jones may have gotten her start playing in Cajun bands like Feufollet and T’Monde, but her solo debut Queen of the In Between is an entirely different vibe, blending folk, classic country and even pop for a deeply satisfying release. That’s not to say Jones has completely abandoned the world of Cajun music. Living in her adopted home of Lafayette, LA, Jones brought in local musicians Trey Boudreaux, Chris Stafford and Jim Kolacek and Cajun musician Joel Savoy to produce and play a little guitar on the record.

The result is an eclectic, complex, but deeply satisfying collection of 10 songs that foreshadow what is likely to be a long career ahead. “Beginnings and Ends,” the album opener, has a stellar intro that draws in the listener with its charming, laid back chorus, slathered in swampy organ. The song manages to somehow sound reminiscent of both Leon Russell and Fleetwood Mac, a helluva impressive feat. Elsewhere, on the brooding “Bring the House Down,” Jones and crew lay out a dark, beautifully ominous track that sounds unlike anything else on the album. The title track is a stripped down, forlorn song about indecision that shows off Jones’ remarkable voice perfectly. The record ends with the dreamy, minimalist “Lost My Way,” capping off a fantastic collection of songs. 

With just 10 tracks, Jones lays out a powerful argument that the music world should be paying attention to her. Queen of the In Between sounds familiar enough – with its traces of Americana, folk, country and psychedelic rock – that it’s extremely accessible, while also sounding wholly original. From her upbringing playing traditional country music in Appalachia then moving to Louisiana to study Cajun French to be able to properly play Cajun music, it seems like her whole life has been building up to this record. Time clearly well spent.    

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