LISTEN: Em Glasser Drops Atmospheric Pop Nugget Via “Luv”

Em Glasser grew up on the shores of Miami Beach and creates soundscapes inspired by the nostalgia of her youth. Miami scenery leaks through her music as much as her trips to Russia to pick strawberries with her grandparentsAfter Miami, Glasser moved to Vienna and is now based in Berlin.

Glasser gracefully drops impressive vocal charisma on her new single “Luv.” Set to a forward-facing backbeat, “Luv” boasts a tranquil atmospheric presence alongside effortless dynamic twists reminiscent of Dua Lipa’s snappy pop appetite.

“Luv” is about the acceptance of new beginnings and realizing that everything will fall into place. It’s about living in the moment and learning to be okay with being alone. Although the song seems to be addressing another individual, it is in fact a conversation with oneself about personal growth and learning to fully love our souls in times where it feels impossible,” says Glasser.

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