Chicano Batman Frontman BARDO Releasing Debut Solo LP ‘Everywhere Reminds Me Of Space’

BARDO, the lead vocalist of Los Angeles rock outfit Chicano Batman, will release his debut solo album Everywhere Reminds Me Of Space via his own label Yemayá Sol Records on July 23. The self-produced collection of 11 songs is heavily beat-focused and finds BARDO exploring hip-hop influences. “I walk the Earth in search of a place, EVERYWHERE REMINDS ME OF SPACE,” he says. “This lyric from the song ‘Neon Light’ made its way to become the title of this sonic menagerie that took me years to transform into a coherent body of work. With this record I wanted to showcase the beats and spoken word cinematic vision quests along with some tunes I had stashed away in the vault. A little casio keyboard, a maestro echoplex, and my monophonic synths were tracked all over the record in order to keep it together. Many artists delve into the ether with existential quandaries about life, love, and nature; I am no exception. Looking up and around is what keeps me sane; after all, it’s only gravity that keeps us grounded.”

BARDO has released his effervescent new single “Patterns Of Being,” a song of grounding and self-acceptance that finds him singing, “every time you lost your mind / You’ve always managed to remember those / Patterns of being that make you you.” Watch the “Patterns Of Being” video below:

Photo by Cameo Adele

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