LISTEN: Hip-Hop Duo Magna Carda Lends Enticing Grooves On “Spark The Day”

Magna Carda is an American hip-hop outfit fronted by one of Texas’ most dynamic MC-producer duo, Megz Kelli and Dougie Do. The dynamic mc-producer duo is notable for its eclectic musical style, blending Rap, Jazz, R&B, and electronic elements.

Drop into “Spark the Day,” the colorful new single from emerging duo Magna Carda. Touched with piano color and driven by a fat backbeat, Kelli dynamically lays down the flow with this enticing hook creation. Dougie Do sets the tone with his wide production, spacious in feel while respecting the power of his vocal counterpart. “Spark the Day” serves as a pick-me-up single, enticing, motivational and downright groovy.

“Spark the Day” is really about all our inhibitions – as artists, as people. It’s recognizing ourselves, our flaws, the parts of ourselves we want to hide or detach from. Sparking the day is just a way to set those inhibitions aside and move on, live with it in a sense”

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