LISTEN: Anita Lester Charms On Enchanting “Sun and Moon and Stars”

Australian-based, Israeli singer-songwriter Anita Lester has been described as ‘Nick Cave and Mary Magdalene’s love child’. Lester’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s, “You Want it Darker” was praised by Cohen himself prior to his death and then picked up by film and television including.

Check out the enchanting new folk ballad, “Sun and Moon and Stars” from Anita Lester. Here we find Lester pouring her heart out, delivering poetic verses atop a bed of piano and finely plucked strings. “Sun and Moon and Stars” is a beautiful and concise number for fans of Anais Mitchell and Sean Hayes.

“It’s been a long journey for me in this world of music and I’ve always been told that when you hit 35 it’s all kind of over. When the world silenced and I was left with only what was important, I realized there are no limitations except for the one that you create. I’m attempting to normalize making art outside of the boundaries of a very conservative industry and showing that with growth, the best art is made,” says Lester.

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