Rebelution Stick to Bouncy Reggae Sounds on ‘In the Moment’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Rebelution is one of the most successful reggae bands going, and it’s easy to see why. The band regularly puts out new material and plays shows that are hopeful sing-alongs with capacity crowds. The band’s relatable and positive lyrics and bright melodies have earned them fans of all ages.

In the Moment is the band’s seventh studio album, and it is further proof of why the band continues to do so well. The first single “Satisfied” has already been streamed millions of times, which shows the hunger fans have for new material from this band. It is 15 tracks of just what you would expect from this band.

Rebelution has always had a formula. That formula includes bouncy reggae melodies and lyrics that are catchy and easy to sing. The band doesn’t deviate from that formula right from the beginning of the album. “Satisfied” has a rhythm that will get you bouncing. Meanwhile, Eric Rachmany sings positive lyrics that are sure to be sung by everyone when this song is performed live. 

This album features some guest artists. “2020 Vision” features Kabaka Pyramid. This one is in a downtempo dub style similar to Black Uhuru. Kabaka Pyramid brings some hip-hope feel to the song with his vocals. The band sticks with the dub sound with  “All or Nothing” that features Busy Signal, who brings some old-school sounds to the song. The lyrics of this song are easy to sing and the melody is relaxed, while the bass line will have you grooving. In what might be a bit of a surprise, soul singer Durand Jones is also a guest on “That Zone”. The melody is just what you’d expect from Rebelution – easy going and groovy. Jones injects some soul into the song with his vocals and when you hear him sing, it sounds like 70s soul meets reggae.

Rebelution’s catalog is filled with songs that are easy to sing. That being said, “To Be Younger” is clearly a single on this album. The melody of this one has a soulful feel similar to Bruce Hornsby. Rachmany sings wistful lyrics about growing older and thinking back to when he was younger and things were simpler. It’s not just a catchy song, it’s also easy to relate to. 

Does the band do anything shocking on the new album? No, not really. However, there isn’t any need to tinker with what has made the band so successful. In the Moment by Rebelution is one of those albums that will have you singing along with every word while wearing a big smile. 

Photo credit: Yannick Reid

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