LISTEN: Joya Mooi Affirms Her Seductive & Magnetic Flair On “Remember”

Amsterdam based Joya Mooi blends potent soul and alternative R&B feels with impressively thoughtful lyricism. Mooi’s music has garnered widespread critical acclaim, proving her to be one of modern soul’s most exciting artists to watch.

On “Remember,” Mooi reminds listeners why her tasteful approach to pop rivals that of scene-makers Solange and Janelle Monae. Dabbling with trippy vocals and seductive flair, Moo makes her voice heard with true magnetic bounce.

“When I was writing ‘Remember’ I was thinking a lot about the reckoning that many thinkers, writers go through with their audience. Thoughts that seemed revolutionary in the past were hardly listened to and are now part of our collective memory. I’m intrigued by how my work is received, how much our current time dictates to what extent we can listen. I try to hold work I love close…that’s kind of easy. This song reminds me to be open to any idea because even when some things may sound ‘radical,’ I may welcome it with open arms in a few years…but it may need attention now,” explains Mooi.


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