Grand Commander Serves It Straight & Dynamic Via ‘ f*C# you i’m going underground”

Dallas, TX-based Grand Commander is the solo project of Sam Damask, launched after a series of personal disasters convinced him to drop all pretense of wanting to form the perfect band. As Damask puts it, the beginning of Grand Commander came from my life falling apart. I connect with the world through my music and put my struggles into songs. I hope people can relate.”

Something bizarre has arrived via Grand Commander in the form of the new single, “fuck you i’m going underground.” Filled to the brim with demonstrative synth shading, Damask is cinematic in his creative outpouring, skating across the track with dynamic and peculiar lyrical genius. A perfect example of the cohesive potential of a solo project, each tangible part is secured in place with a robust and raw tape feel.

The inspiration came from talking to a record label that wanted to put me in a creative box and keep a big percentage. I hung up the phone and the song wrote itself. In hindsight I’m grateful to have received an offer and had the conversation, in the moment I learned I’m fiercely protective of my creative freedom. There is so much invisible pressure from the world to act a certain way, this song is for anyone who gets tired of it. I’ll play the game in my personal life when necessary. When it comes to Grand Commander, the only game is finding a way to keep playing, and that has yet to include compromise,” says Damask.

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