LISTEN: Jiminil Offers Enthralling New Americana Voice Via “Spider”

Born out of Belfast, Jiminil is a melting pot of tender, pastoral folk and gloomy indie-rock tinged with psychedelia, blurring the lines of these with jazz sensibilities. Collaborating with some of the finest musicians in the midlands, the project brings arrangements that feel like a dense, syrupy thicket.

Check out the mysterious yet blissful debut single “Spider” from Jiminil. Sunk into a lush acoustic atmosphere, Jiminil vocally narrates, surrounded by unconventional percussive elements and refined guitar touchings. “Spider” rekindles shades of Wildflowers era Tom Petty and Smog, making for an enthralling new Americana voice.

“Spider” is a song about discovering yourself in a social or political landscape that your ignorance or tolerance has been complicit in creating, and the disillusionment that follows which in turn finds you further alienated from where you find yourself.  Sometimes your apathy can allow the cobwebs to take up all the corners, and through a blasé indifference the spiders can take over the house.  Amidst this spooky atmosphere, there is a slight sense of positivity in facing up to your fears and living in accord with the spiders as best we can, rather than bowing to their venomous ways.”

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