LISTEN: Judy Blank and Dylan Earl Drop Vintage Country Duet “Never Said A Word”

Young hearts and old souls. The most liberal cowboy in the U.S. of A. met with the Dutch queen of Americana in his home state of Arkansas, in the fall of last year. The two became friends while driving through the picturesque views of the Ozark Mountains, talking about life and drinking mad dog margaritas. Judy Blank and Dylan Earl soon discovered they shared a passion for country songs and began writing together quickly after.

Check out the vintage flavored country single, “Never Said A Word,” from Dylan Earl and Judy Blank. Earl’s soothing vibrato draws us in with sincere and tangible longing, reminiscent of Randy Travis’ painful yet learned wisdom. Existing in a world of tastefully picked guitar, flowing strings, and pedal steel shading, Blank’s vocal release quivers soft and strong with tensile hardness.

Blank explains: “Never Said A Word” is a song about two people sharing the same broken dream. It’s about losing something that was never yours, and most of all: realizing you took a wrong turn somewhere in the past. The longing never fades away though. We tried capturing this feeling by shooting our morning routines on both sides of the world. Dylan in Arkansas, me in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It’s funny; he shot his part on his own and it turns out we both make coffee in a french press. The outdoor scenery, except from the mountains, accidentally looks pretty similar. Plus, I drive an American car, haha!”

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