VIDEO PREMIERE: Cold Weather Company Soars On Intricate “Golden Hour”

When one listens to Cold Weather Company’s elevated sound of spacious harmonies, orchestral nuances and ethereal keyboards mixed with a pop formula that is simply contagious; one wonders how long these New Jersey-based tunesmiths have been around? Try seven years. But with a mix of east coast/west coast Grizzly Bear/Local Natives touch and go, alongside bits of Elbow and Editors, this musical menu sounds as if its been purring for 20 plus years.

The band combines the various writing approaches and influences of its three members, Brian Curry, Jeff Petescia, and Steve Shimchick, to create unique arrangements with intricate layering. Over the past few years, the band has earned over eight million cross-platform digital streams and supported acts such as Tall Heights, Jamestown Revival, and Juke Ross.

On their fourth full-length album, Coalescence, Cold Weather Company continues to expand their acoustic-forward, alternative folk sound into new territory. With delicate additions of synths and electronic instruments, as well as a broadened palette of horns, percussion, strings, and harmonies, Coalescence explores each song down to its smallest sonic niche. Conceptually, the album revolves around growth by highlighting our capacity to better ourselves and our connections through introspection and reflection. Often occurring cyclically, especially in nature, the idea of growth also inspired the release process for the album which will be split into three parts, each representing a different conceptual facet.

Break out the “CWC” hats and t’s and check out the video for “Golden Hour” by the band that will surely make you a believer, that Jersey can summon a Brit sound as delicately as the west coast..

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