LISTEN: Jeremy Oliveria Chases Unique Sounds On “”Counterfeiter”

In his work, Jeremy Oliveria chases unique sounds found with analog synthesizers and distorted guitars to fuse them with the warmth of acoustic instruments and swirling keys. Oliveria’s writing process is fueled by personal experiences and true-to-life lyrics that are often expressed in the eccentric sounds of his own experimentation with analog effects and fuzzy layers. Oliveria also runs a studio in Southern Oregon where he has produced and recorded artists for the last ten years, aiming to pursue and capture passionate, moving records across genres.

Check out the feverish new single “Counterfeiter” from Oliveria that possesses a vigorous vocal feel and depth of emotion. Oliveria touches with the charm of Cass Mccombs and Hiss Golden Messenger while setting his own pace and surrounding himself with wide and warm low-end psychedelia.

“Counterfeiter came to me rather quickly as I watched some people I really cared about go through some hard and unfortunate things. Life for everyone can at times be very difficult and scary, and I often wonder as I grow older, if the weight of life will leave me bitter or cynical. Is there a way to live out the next 40-60 years of my life with gratitude and joy in spite of whatever comes down the line? That’s what this track is to me. Just questions” says Oliveria.

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