LISTEN: bandanna Keeps It Delicately Concise On “ghost home”

Bandanna formed in Tallahassee in the garage of non-profit Cat Family Records, in the summer of 2018In July of 2019, bandanna released their first full-band single, ‘Fire Escape,’ recorded at the Cat Family Records studio. After a few great shows the band began work on their debut LP, ‘uncertain/ty,’ with Damon Moon of Standard Electric Recorders.

Swift, sleek and strong, “ghost home (solo)” is gorgeous and stripped down new single from bandana. With a tactile and tensile vocal feel reminiscent of Adrianne Lenker,  Griffith swings delicately through a world of reverberated vocal doubling atop concise acoustic guitar color.

ghost home’ is a pandemic-era recording of a year old song. It captures the intended haunting and lonely feeling of the song, which has become unsettlingly relevant over the last year: the pain of knowing things have changed, but being unsure of how to move on. Sometimes it hurts just as much to cling to the past as it does to push forward and it takes a ghost in the yard to help you find your way.” says Griffith.


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