SONG PREMIERE: Dan Baker Reflects on Shortcomings with Melodic Folk Crooning on “Freeze Dried Coffee”

With an emphasis on strong lyrical foundations, Dan Baker weaves intricate finger style folk harmonies around thoughtful and powerfully delivered melodies. Delivering expertly crafted lyricism brought to life with commanding vocals and gripping folk-roots melodies, Baker will release his new EP From Corners Quiet on July 30th.

Following his recent return with the painfully passionate single “Take This Rose,” Dan Baker continues to weave dynamic and vivid imagery within his musical narratives, his deep voice remaining a grounding force throughout floating acoustic melodies.

Today Glide is excited to premiere Baker’s new single “Free Dried Coffee” ahead of its official release on July 2nd. Balances acoustic strumming and sweeping, dramatic piano and guitar, Baker lets his unique deep vocals shine with lyrics that are brimming with earthy wisdom. It’s hard not to be struck by the power of this crooner as he balances the vocal chops of a lounge singer with a charming folk sensibility, offering up the perfect emotional tone to capture this musical moment of self-reflection and love. Adding to the song’s ability to move the listener is the quietly stirring violins and steady bass guitar, which help give the music a deep melodic sound. Compared to less serious balladeers like Father John Misty, Baker carries himself with a sense of seriousness and poeticism. 

Baker further explains:

“Having never been capable of any notable amount of grace or acceptance in the face of loss, I’ve managed to refine a formidable pallet for bitterness and longing. Such experience though has recently allowed for a more jovial brand of reflection upon my failures to resolve difficult situations. ‘Freeze Dried Coffee’ considers these situations and challenges with attachment while confessing to my shortcomings through smiling, coffee-stained teeth.”


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  1. Dan Bakers first Single Take this Rose just brought me to tears, it so touched my heart. And became the first song I had to listen to over and over again probably since the 70’s.
    Freeze dried coffee is doing the same. It’s on replay already. Dan’s lyrics, voice, playing and amazing players behind him make this song something you just want to hear again and again.

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