LISTEN: Tré Burt Brings Forthright Poetic Charisma On “Sweet Misery”

Sacramento songwriter Tré Burt is announcing his sophomore album, You, Yeah, You, which was produced by Brad Cook and recorded at Sound Pure studio in Durham, NC. You, Yeah, You is a narrated collection of songs featuring a cast of invented characters; heroes, villains, those destitute of salvation, and those seeking it. The album represents a summoning of the will to fight the unknown rather than surrender to fear and fatigue. Like his late label mate and songwriting hero John Prine, Burt showcases his poet’s eye for detail, a surgeon’s sense of narrative precision, and his songwriters’ ability to transpose observation into affecting verse.

Check out the lead single, “Sweet Misery” from Burt’s forthcoming release, You, Yeah, You.  A vibrant backdrop of subtle piano color fixed to a steady train beat sets the path for Burt to catapult his heart across the track, painting with poetic and forthright charisma. A simple and sweet tune, Burt is focused and aligned in heart and pen, swaddling the listener with his sermon of folk with touches of Dylan, though applying his own unique and interpersonal twist.

“To me, the chords sound melancholic but also has this really sweet and playful quality about it but also like that innocence is being hounded by some utterly miserable force of nature. When I was writing this song, I already knew what the chords would say if they could talk, so the lyrics reflect that. Sometimes songs can feel like it’s something hung up in a museum, meant to be observed behind a velvet rope from 10 feet away. My songs are as much yours as they are mine. I wanted to try and show that,” says Burt.

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