LISTEN: Paragon Cause Radiate Retro New Wave Beats On “Disconnected”

Paragon Cause is Jay Bonaparte and Michelle Opthof. Since its formation in 2018, the group often embraces the darker, grittier, more unpleasant aspects of human existence, without falling into the trap of overdramatization. Their music is edgy, honest, with a smattering of humor, and angst is thrown in for good measure.

Ready for a fresh taste of retro NYC style new-wave? Check out the diverse new single “Disconnected” from Paragon Cause that radiates with the uptempo flair of Blondie and Deep Sea Diver. The song swarms and palpates warmly, infused with a fat backbeat and tasteful keyboard twinklings, bringing contagious melodies to the forefront.

“It came from a happy memory of me sitting in a waterfall in Gatineau Park. I had no cell signal there, in fact, I didn’t even have my phone. I was just soaking up the sun and the fresh air in this amazingly positive space, which is not my normal. I recalled the memory and what I was thinking at the time: ‘why did it take so long for me to come here? Am I allowed to be happy? Yes, it’s okay for me to feel good.’ So, this is sort of my ‘I’m allowed to be happy’ song,” says Opthof.

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