LISTEN: Chad Galactic Shares Cover of Beastie Boys’ “Shake Your Rump”

A couple weeks ago Chad Galactic, literally one of the hardest working and most generous guys in the music industry, released his cover of The Beastie Boys venerable “Shake Your Rump” (below) and he sang all the parts. That bears repeating,  he did ALL three parts!

But before we get talking about the track, let’s talk about the man. First, he’s got a wicked sense of humor. The first time I ever met Chad he was tour managing Nathan Moore during the national Hippy Fiasco tour and Nathan had finished an incredible night of music at the Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco. As he put away gear Galactic called out to Nathan, “Easter egg, dude!” Nathan and I looked over to see Chad take down a shot that had been left on a table a la Spaulding Smails and we all howled laughing. 

In 2014, on a whim, he and his good buddy Dave Brogan (ALO) started rapping about food. Yeah, like they spit rhymes about cereal, hot dogs, cashews and champagne, tacos (of course) and other stuff. As they built a culinary repertoire between hilarious laughter, they realized they wanted to do more and it became a legitimate project and the songs became an album entitled Chad Galactic: So Hot Right Now. Then Chad formed a band out of San Francisco musical luminaries and took his show to various Bay Area venues under the name, Chad Galactic and the SuperFood.

If you haven’t heard the album, you should give it a listen. At first it’s funny but then you find yourself bobbing your head to the beat and digging Galactic’s rhymes and the double entendres. It is razor sharp humor and, in the very least, the album is wholly entertaining. Chad has worked in music for decades tour managing the likes of ALO, Ryan Montbleau, Nathan Moore, The Mother Hips, David Nelson Band, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Green Leaf Rustlers and, most recently, assistant tour manager for The Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker tour this summer. It’s not only his work ethic, however, it’s his friendship that defines the guy. I’m not sure I’ve met a person that is more the kind of “all in” friend that Chad is. Once you’re one of his people, he’s got you – that’s it, no question. 

So when the pandemic hit and he watched his whole year of income disappear in a matter of days, in classic Galactic fashion he worried about his friends. He immediately started trying to figure out ways to create revenue streams that might help his out-of-work musician friends, people he truly considers family. He made stickers, authored a book of quarantine writings that is soon to be published and then came up with something pretty amazing. His longtime love for the Beastie Boys-inspired him to gather his friends together to do a cover of “Shake Your Rump”. Now, when I say he “gathered his friends together” we’re talking about some of the most stellar musicians in the (mostly) Bay Area. From The Mother Hips, Galactic was joined by Greg Loiacono (guitar) and Brian Rashap (bass guitar), from Tea Leaf Green came drummer Scott Rager and from ALO/Jack Johnson he added Zach Gill on keyboards. Chad even managed to get The Beastie Boys’ DJ Hurricane, exclusive Beastie Boys DJ of 13 years to not only hear the track but add scratches and Hurricane dug it saying, “Chad Galactic’s remake of Shake Your Rump is very well done. It’s relevant and extremely hip. Chad G, come and rock the sure shot!”

Chad did this one for MCA and outspokenly dedicated not only the song to the late MC but took it a couple of steps farther. He created a clothing line called Yauch Love and half of the proceeds from apparel sales and song downloads go to MCA’s beloved Tibetan Monks and their Namgyal Monastery in Ithaca, New York.  You can find Yauch Love merch at the YAUCH Love Merch Store. Of the track Galactic says,  “Recording this song hit me deeply. I was reminded how much Beastie Boys influenced me as a 13 year old in 1987. My Love for MCA kicked in again and my heart wept for our collective loss. I have wanted to do a cover of Shake Your Rump since I first heard it.  It was so moving to sing the vocal parts in front of DJ Hurricane and my band.  I hope this is received by everyone who had anything to do with the original recording, by the Beastie Boys, their friends and the die hard fans.” Additionally, half the proceeds for downloads of the track will go to the Namgyal Monastery as well. 

So go listen, buy some sweet Yauch Love Merch and know that you’re helping keep not only musicians stay afloat in this time of uncertainty but you’re also helping keep the spirit and spirituality of MCA alive at the same time. 


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