VIDEO PREMIERE: Jeshua Marshall (Larry And His Flask) Aims High with Lively and Soulful Folk-rock Tune “Shoot The Moon”

Jeshua Marshall is a musical troubadour, with 18 years of experience writing, playing, singing and touring original music with Larry And His Flask and as a solo artist. He has performed in every state in the U.S., every province in Canada, 15 countries in Europe, and Palestine. Jeshua is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter, channeling pure punk rock passion from the records that spoke to him years ago as a kid in a small town with big dreams.

He took the DIY ethos to heart and is now set to self release his first solo album this fall, titled Shoot the Moon. With production and drums from Todd Rosenberg of Mad Caddies, Shoot the Moon is a collaborative masterpiece.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the album’s title track along with its accompanying music video. Featuring Fredo Ortiz from Beastie Boys and Gogol Bordello, the song is an uptempo nugget of infectious folk-rock. Jeshua’s smooth vocals are accentuated by a frenetically picked guitar that gives the song its hopeful energy. Comparisons to Lumineers, The Avett Brothers and Ray Lamontagne are not unwarranted, but it’s also clear that Jeshua is forging his own path of soulful and lively folk-rock sounds. Filmed in Bend, OR, the video featured Jeshua dancing and playing his guitar wildly throughout the high desert town. 

Jeshua describes the inspiration and process behind the track:

I began writing Shoot The Moon in 2013 during a recording session in LA. I had just come out of a serious relationship and a painful breakup and was trying to heal a broken heart and kick addiction to alcohol. One morning before we went into the studio to record all day, my buddy Rosco and I sat down and started to write this song together. We got a couple good verses and the chorus and then went to the session. The song stayed in the back of my mind and almost 7 years later I pulled it back out from the depth of my memory. I added another verse with the wisdom of 7 years of sobriety, another broken heart and finished the song. After recording and having a blast in the studio with producer Todd Rosenberg in production by adding trash can percussion, vibraphone and having the legendary drummer Fredo Ortiz of Beastie Boys & Gogol Bordello lay down percussion tracks. The song took on a whole new vibe and became something I am excited to share with the world.

We filmed the video in a 90 mile an hour wind storm in Bend, Oregon. Trees were blowing over where we were shooting and dust was blowing into our eyes and all over the camera gear. It was a crazy day to film but it was the only time we had with the videographer so we braved the weather and made it happen.


Photo credit: Adam Wood

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