LISTEN: The Lesson GK Drops Radiant Hip Hop Vibes On “Another World”

The Lesson GK started out as a passion project for renowned drummer Lenny “The Ox” Reece, who grew up performing in the church and wanted to start a band that would be composed of true artists who cared about the music and creating a space to connect with a live audience in a genuine way. Each member comes from a different upbringing, a different race, a different vibe, and together they’ve built something that transcends all the things that have pulled the world apart as of late.

Sink into “Another World”, the radiant synth-driven funk gem from The Lesson GK. True to its title, the song opens up the door to a kaleidoscopic funk universe, painted with fastidious synthesizer shading. Joined on the track by ultimate flow master Harry Mack, “Another World” is serious fire, fusing hip-hop and and soulful musicianship.

“Music is a reflection of comradery,” says Lenny, and The Lesson GK is precisely that. They rely on each other and have found success in their group equilibrium as players. “Whatever our weakness is, we rely on each other’s strengths.

“Usually people write a song, compose it, record, then figure out how to get it live but we do it live first,” Explains Lenny of their process. “We tricked ourselves into making an album. We all care so much about what happens – we’re all best friends – this is our passion project. Sometimes caring so much can be a hindrance, so we started with making a beat tape to set low stakes, but we tricked ourselves into making a tape that came ultimately together into an album.”

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