LISTEN: Icarus Phoenix Keeps It Hush & Rustic On “All The Same”

Icarus Phoenix is releasing its second album on September 10th this year. The band is comprised of Nick Dorsey, Will Pasternak, Ryan Scott, and Drew Danburry, featuring Jed Jones and Josaleigh Pollett. Incorporating elements of shoegaze, paisley underground, and the classic indie movement. It is both modern and retro, simple and complex, gentle and heavy.

Armed with a gleaming voice on top of a pastoral musical landscape, Icarus Phoenix creates a sense of place the serene “All The Same.” Set into a bed of driving bass tone and expressive guitar lines, Danbury brings an emo sensibility to its fine-tuned world of DIY indie rock.

“I wrote this song as a reminder to myself to be present; with my family and loved ones, to be reminded that I don’t really have hard truths to hold onto. And that life is complex and I can be okay with the lack of solid ground. To remember that there are Two Sides (Gorilla Biscuits), if not more. That sometimes being stuck in my head isn’t the truth. With that said, I will now jump on the trampoline with my son. I only get to spend so much time with him and I love him.”

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