SONG PREMIERE: The Trongone Band Tackle Temptation with Soulful 70s Blues Rocker “Ain’t Worth A Dime”

Brothers Andrew and Johnny Trongone are better known as the leaders of Richmond rock n’ roll outfit The Trongone Band. They will release their Dave Schools (Widespread Panic)-produced EP Don’t Give Up on Love this fall. Recorded in their collective hometown, the EP is the follow-up to their celebrated debut LP, Keys To the House (Harmonized Records). The band will be performing select dates in Richmond on July 31st and three nights at Key West’s Green Parrot this August. The brothers plan to tour Europe extensively in early 2022 in support of Don’t Give Up on Love.

“What a pleasure to return to my hometown and to work with The Trongone Band. It’s great to see that the spirit of rock n roll still thrives in Richmond,” raves Dave Schools.

Today Glide is excited to premiere “Ain’t Worth A Dime,” one of the standout tracks on the new album. Firing up with a simple beat, sparse and haunting slide guitar, and soulful organ, the band lays into a twangy guitar track and blues-inflected vocals. Building layers of sound into a thick, 70s-style blues rocker, the song brings to mind acts like the Black Crowes, Gov’t Mule, and Greyhounds while also taking on its own style. Commanding vocals are complemented by a groovy rock soundtrack that is sprawling and ferocious while also carrying a sense of restrained cool. Lyrically, the song dwells on the various vices many of us partake in and sometimes struggle with, making it perfect for a dark nightclub.  

“I want people to really feel this song. Like you’re kind of lost in a foreign town but don’t care. Dim the lights, pour a glass of scotch, and turn it up, because that’s what we did.” – Andrew Trongone

“This song means a lot to me. It grew from just a groove we were messing around with in pre production. Producer Dave Schools made it a point that we would only attempt this song at the end of every session when we were tired and worn out. We were grinding. He wanted to capture a certain vibe though. We’d dim the lights real low to where we could barely see each other and just eased into the tune until it felt right. If it wasn’t there, we’d call it and try it again the next night. We ended up getting it on the third day. The vocal took a few takes too. Finally got it after Dave sent my brother into the booth with some scotch. We had just got back from a European tour so lyrically my head was thinking about all the red light districts in Germany and Prague. Dark, eerie, temptation everywhere. Though it isn’t particularly about that, but more so the bigger picture. People’s vices. Sex, drugs, booze, gambling, etc, and how those addictions just aren’t worth it in the end.” – Andrew Trongone


Photo credit: Joey Wharton

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