LISTEN: Grimson Crafts Daring Fully Realized Rock On “I Hate Myself Now”

Grimson is a project by one twin from New York City. Growing up living and working in hotels, Grimson found solace and passed time listening to the discographies of David Bowie, Harry Nilsson, Deep Purple and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Now based in his adopted home of Berlin, Grimson is exercising those influences, memories, and bad dreams, into songs and animations.

Set to a strange and captivating music video, “I Hate Myself Now” is an expressive and inviting indie rock ballad. A psychedelic swirl of guitars cut and bend opening our minds to alternate planes of kaleidoscopic reality. In a way, it’s Beatles-esque, though effortlessly it’s purely Grimson; daring, carefree, and fully realized rock.

“This song appeared whole one day when I was 16, and I laughed at the repeated phrase because it didn’t resonate with me – but I used it anyway. Looking back now, after years of therapy, I think it was definitely a warning from the crevasses of my budding teenage depression. It feels old and almost embarrassingly direct, but all these years later it’s still one of my favorite songs I’ve written. The character in the video, which I directed and performed in as well, is a Halloween costume I once devised. He now has his own identity as “Hey Poodle,” based on what drunk New Yorkers called out to me when I wore it the first time.”


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