FULL LP PREMIERE: Jxst J Creates DIY Gold Via Hazy/Synth Debut LP ‘How To Pronounce Jxst J’

A sense of downtempo pop flair seems to pervade the musical work of Jxst J. Any DIY composer strives to share a golden realm of songs that summon itself on a playlist. Indie pop producer-singer Jxst J(aka James Pratley Watson), who creates from his NYC apartment exceeds expectations with a balanced attack merging the radiating vibes of chillwave alongside house beats and colorful sound collages.

After spending his formative years in LA playing in bands and making music videos, the multi-talented artist is now Brooklyn-based, where he continues his synesthetic approach to music. During the last year, jxst j has been in his bedroom, listening incessantly to all kinds of music and making tracks on his laptop. With his mix of stretched samples, acoustic instruments, analog synths and silky vocals, J achieves a polychromatic sound that will find a home with fans of Toro y Moi, Joji, Blood Orange and Still Woozy, to name a few. While taking a mostly DIY approach to his project, jxst J’s releases include contributions from Luna Shadows, Thom Powers (The Naked and Famous), Chris Sorem (Los Lobos, Rufus Wainwright), Jacob Mann (Knower) and Brian Green (John Legend, Lily Kershaw).

Glide is premiering Jsxt J’s How To Pronounce Jxst J in its entirety, a dreamscape collection of songs that reverberate with the pop ethos of Passion Pit and the sublime adventurousness of Animal Collective. Call it background music deserving to be in the front room or an under-the-radar gem; How To Pronounce Jxst J wins for all. Check it out in full below..

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