LISTEN: The Wonderfool (Matt Vinson of CAAMP) Brings Unique Folk Spin Via “Cool Shade”

The Wonderfool is the recording project of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Matt Vinson. A soundtrack for early mornings and late nights, dreamt into existence by an Ohio native who’s spent the better part of a decade onstage, on the road, and in the recording studio.

Stuck indoors by the pandemic that had forced his other band—the chart-topping folk group CAAMP—to cancel their touring plans, Vinson found himself with ample time on his hands. He turned that isolation into an opportunity to create something new.

A highlight beauty from his forthcoming release, Vinson is melodically on point, delivering with poise and timeless composure on “Cool Shade.” Vinson brings his own spin and magic to the folk tradition, invoking a parallel between Jim James and Fruit Bats.

I had all the time in the world,” he says of the album-making process, which stretched throughout 2020 and early 2021. “I wrote songs until I knew I had a record without any filler tracks, then spent five months working on overdubs, letting my friends hear what I was working on, and having them record additional parts that I wouldn’t have thought of. We got weird. We took things to the next level.”

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