SONG/VIDEO PREMIERE: JD Pinkus Picks With Punk Abandon On Space Grass “Woke Up Dead”

Forget all the wanna-bees jamming up the Nashville scene with their banjos, stetson hats, and lame hey hos. Lets get back to the gutter where real bluesy hill music stands for hardship and the truth. Leave it to JD Pinkus of The Butthole Surfers to keep it real and tell it like it is.

Glide is premiering the song and video for “Woke Up Dead” off Pinkus’ second solo “space grass” banjo album due out on Shimmy-Disc on August 20th, 2021. Produced by Josh Bishop and directed by Maxwell Sabastian, the video gives a thump of colorful attitude to Pinkus’ picking that would make the late Ralph Stanley nod in approval.

Fungus Shui is a trippy banjo time warp that combines nostalgic Americana/bluegrass tropes with Pinkus’ punk-rock roots. A modern twist on an old-timey sound, Fungus Shui is a musical journey filled with stomps, hollers, raucous banjo melodies and gritty punk vocals. The album was written, recorded, and mixed by Pinkus himself at Plastic Cannon Studio in Asheville, North Carolina, and was mastered by Kramer. Fungus Shui is due out on Shimmy-Disc on August 20th 2021.

“Sometimes your lucky if all ya wake up with is the blues…. I wrote this one about that time I woke up dead.’
‘Maxwell Sabastian captured that thing that goes on forever, that thing there are no words for… His interpretation is a beautiful celebration of this thing. I’m so very grateful for him sharing his mind and talents!’ Blue Skies and Sunshine.” says Pinkus.

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