LISTEN: Party of the Sun Deliver Pastoral Brilliance Via “Brassicas”

Since their inception, Party of the Sun has been a collaborative project led by songwriter Ethan McBrien and producer/multi-instrumentalist Rory Hurley. Throughout their discography, the duo has tapped various collaborators to add their textural expertise as needed. Party of the Sun’s current iteration welcomes drummer and percussionist Garrett Cameron.

In a sonic sea of reflective indie folk. Party of the Sun delivers a pastoral gem on their new single, “Brassicas.” Spacious and warm, McBrein vocally tantalizes with soft and intimate inflection to a rhythmically alluring musical push. “Brassicas” has tints of Ryley Walker and Cass McCombs, melding flawlessly the lush musical world with a delightful vocal release. “Brassicas” is taken from the upcoming Fullest Hour LPdue out September 3rd on Trailing Twelve.

I spent much of 2020 writing songs by recording improv and listening back for cohesive passages. The acoustic part for “Brassicas” emerged this way. Some weeks later, traveling past a barren field, I started thinking about our relationship with soil and how it mirrors our relationship with one another. This was the spark, I wrote the lyrics and vocal melody that afternoon,” says McBrien.

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