LISTEN: Julia Shuren Displays Her Faultless R&B Pop Flair On “Losing My Perfection”

Songwriting Hall of Famer, Julia Shuren, is breaking musical boundaries with her unique blend of Indie R&B-infused Soul. Shuren’s soulful vocal arrangements, complex chord progressions and soaring melodies first caught the attention of legendary Motown arranger and songwriter Paul Riser (Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Mary J Blige), and shortly after was featured on PBS “Detroit Performs” for her songwriting abilities.

R&B with a twist of modern pop pizazz, Shuren demands attention on her new single, “Losing My Perfection.” A syncopated and steady pulse drives as Shuren is melodically hypnotic, grooving to a synthesizer-infused dance beat. If chillwave mixed with 80’s pop, it would sound like the hypnotic groove pulse of “Losing My Perfection.”

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